The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Toys for Your Spirited Three-Year-Old

Ask any parent of a three-year-old and they will tell you that their little one’s curiosity and energy knows no bounds! At this stage of their development, the right toys can not only keep toddlers engaged, but also nurture their cognitive and motor skills. Whether it’s fostering creativity, promoting physical activity, or encouraging social interaction, the best toys for a three-year-old can offer a delightful combination of fun and learning.

In this guide, we’ll explore some fantastic age-appropriate toys that cater to your adventurous three-year-old’s interests and help them grow and develop while having a blast.  And best of all, you can find eco-friendly options for them all so you can care for your child as well as the environment!

Building Blocks

Building blocks have been a staple in children’s playrooms for generations, and for good reason. They’re perfect for little architects and artists, stimulating their imagination and improving fine motor skills. Look for sets that come with a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing your child to build anything from towering structures to whimsical creatures. 

The best building block sets are ones that can be neatly packed away in their own storage container for easy tidying! We all know there’s no pain like that from stepping on small toys!


Puzzles are excellent for developing cognitive skills, problem-solving abilities, and patience. Opt for puzzles with large, colourful pieces that are easy for small hands to grasp. Choose ones with engaging themes, like animals, vehicles or shapes, to keep your child entertained and learning simultaneously.

Art Supplies

Foster your child’s creativity with a variety of art supplies. Crayons, coloured pencils, washable markers, and drawing paper are excellent choices. Let them explore different textures, colours, and shapes, giving them the freedom to express themselves through art. Eco Art and Craft and Honeysticks are some great brands to look out for here!

Outdoor Fun

At this age, your child is bursting with energy, so outdoor toys are a must. A tricycle or balance bike is a great way to introduce them to the joy of biking. If you have the space, consider a swing set or a small climbing frame to encourage physical activity while having fun.

Another way to encourage outdoor play is with a Nature Hunt Game. It’s a simple and effective way to inspire children to get out into the garden or go on a nature walk to hunt for some of nature’s beauty. If you’ve got a little one that loves the garden, turning weeding into a fun game. Win win for you!

Pretend Play

At the age of three, imaginations are running rampant! A play kitchen is an excellent addition to your child’s toy collection. It encourages imaginative play, creativity, and helps them learn about the world around them. Stock it with play food, utensils, and dishes to complete the experience.

Children love to imitate what you do around the home. If your child is not so keen in the kitchen, there are countless pretend play sets available to complement your child’s interests. Does your child like to help around the house? Why not give them their own age-appropriate cleaning set? Do they love a tea party? Find them the perfect tea party set 🫖

When it comes to pretend play, you can be sure to find the prefect set that sparks joy in your child and allows them to develop their social skills, language, and problem-solving abilities.


Never underestimate the power of a good book. Choose age-appropriate books with colourful illustrations and engaging stories or even textures for sensory exploration. Reading with your child not only enhances their language skills but also strengthens the bond between you. It’s also a fantastic way to create a nightly bedtime routine.

Op shops are a great place to find bargain books, and as your child outgrows their books you can keep the cycle going and donate them back for the next family.

Educational Games

There are many educational games designed specifically for three-year-olds. Games that involve counting, matching, and sorting help develop early math and problem-solving skills. Look for options that offer multiple levels of complexity as your child grows.


Many three-year-old children have an innate fascination with all things that go, making vehicle toys a fantastic addition to their playtime repertoire. Whether it’s mini cars, buses, trains, or even construction vehicles, these toys stimulate imaginative play and fine motor skills. They can create their miniature traffic scenarios, build roads, and embark on exciting adventures in the comfort of their play area. Look for sturdy, age-appropriate vehicle sets that can withstand the rigors of enthusiastic play. These toys not only entertain but also provide an opportunity for kids to explore concepts like motion, direction, and storytelling, enhancing their cognitive development while having a wheely good time!

Choosing the best toys for your energetic three-year-old is an exciting endeavour. These toys not only provide entertainment but also play a crucial role in their cognitive, social, and physical development. From building blocks to outdoor play equipment, educational games to art supplies, the options are vast. As your child embarks on this adventure of growing and learning, remember to balance structured activities with plenty of free play, allowing them to explore, create, and, most importantly, have fun.


Happy playtime with your little one!