Best Age-Appropriate Toys for Your Adventurous Two-Year-Old

If you’ve got a curious, energetic two-year-old in your life and are looking for a gift that not only keeps their attention but supports them in their physical and cognitive growth then read on! 

As your little one transitions from their first year to their second, their curiosity and energy know no bounds. Two-year-old children are bursting with newfound independence, exploring the world around them with awe and excitement. This is a crucial time for their cognitive, social, and physical development, making it essential to provide them with toys that stimulate their growing abilities. In this blog, we will guide you through a selection of age-appropriate and eco-friendly toys from Eco Chicos that are sure to captivate your adventurous two-year-old while encouraging their growth and exploration. 

Our toys are crafted from organic, natural, and renewable materials, minimising their environmental impact. We prioritise your child’s safety by sourcing toys and gifts that are free from harmful substances so you can have peace of mind that you are making a better choice for your child and the environment.

Shape Sorters and Stackers

Shape sorters and stackers are fantastic toys that enhance your child’s hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. These toys come in bright colours and engaging shapes, providing endless opportunities for your child to explore and learn about shapes, colours, and sizes. Watching your little one successfully match shapes or stack blocks will fill you with pride and joy, and it’s especially exciting for them when they eventually master the task!

Musical Instruments

Music has a remarkable impact on children’s development, and at two years old, your child is ready to embrace the world of rhythm and melody. Instruments not only introduce your child to different sounds and tones but also help refine their motor skills and hand coordination. Eco Chicos offers a range of musical instruments designed for young children, including the award-winning Melody Mix by I’m Toy. With 10 different sound and music experiences in a sturdy rubberwood frame it features a xylophone, drum, tubular chimes, triangle, cymbal, bells, maracas, castanet, double guiro, and pair of rhythm sticks plus 2 strikers and 1 scraper.  Who knows, you might have a budding musician on your hands!

Pretend Play Sets

Two-year-olds have vivid imaginations and love to imitate the world around them. Encourage their role-playing creativity with Pretend Play sets from Eco Chicos. Whether it’s a wooden kitchen set, a doctor’s kit, or a toolset, these toys allow your child to engage in imaginative play, developing their social skills, language, and problem-solving abilities. Watch as they whip up imaginary meals or care for their dolls or stuffed animals, learning important life skills along the way.


Puzzles are excellent toys for developing your child’s cognitive abilities, fine motor skills, and problem-solving prowess. Eco Chicos offers a range of age-appropriate puzzles with large, sturdy pieces designed specifically for little hands. Choose from wooden puzzles with animal shapes, alphabet puzzles, or even jigsaw and stacking puzzles. These toys provide hours of engaging fun while sharpening your child’s spatial awareness and critical thinking skills.

Toys for Creative Play

Crayons and painting play a pivotal role in fostering a two-year-old’s creative and physical development, making them essential tools in the early childhood learning journey. Through the act of holding and manipulating crayons, little ones refine their fine motor skills, enhancing hand-eye coordination and dexterity. This creative outlet encourages the imagination to soar, enabling them to explore the depths of their creativity. Emotionally, artistic activities provide a safe space for self-expression and build self-confidence, as children proudly display their masterpieces. Better yet, they help young minds to focus and can keep them entertained for hours!

Choosing age-appropriate toys for your two-year-old is a wonderful way to nurture their development and create lasting memories. Eco Chicos offers a wide range of eco-friendly toys that engage your child’s senses, stimulate their imagination, and support their growth.

By investing in toys such as shape sorters, musical instruments, role-play sets, puzzles, and outdoor play equipment, you are providing your child with the tools they need to thrive and explore the world around them. So, embrace this beautiful stage of your child’s life and watch them blossom into confident, imaginative, and curious individuals through the power of play.