Australian Made Toys

Well 2023 is now in full effect and the hustle and bustle of the Christmas and New Year period is starting to settle. Kids are back at school (well not mine – she’s a few years off!) and families are getting back into the swing of things with their regular schedule.

This was my first Christmas season as a business owner and what a ride it was! I thoroughly enjoyed packing all your orders, thinking of all the smiles and laughter they would bring. I truly hope your Christmas was a magical one, made even better with some beautiful eco-friendly toys and gifts.

Eco Chicos is now 7 months old and I continue to grow and learn every day. This whole world of business ownership is completely new to me, and as daunting as it is, I am loving every second!

There are so many things I love about managing Eco Chicos, but one of my favourite parts has been sourcing new products to stock. I am always on the lookout for eco-friendly brands to introduce to my store and especially enjoy discovering so many amazing Australian brands creating great sustainably made toys and gifts for our children.

In the past few months several brands have been introduced to the Eco Chicos catalogue, but did you know they were all Australian? Poppy and Daisy, Eco Art and Craft, Serenitoys, The Physic Garden are recent some recent additions (just to name a few!) that are not only Australian, but their products are handmade in Australia.

The benefits of handmade products are many!

❤️They are crafted with love

🦋 Each product is slightly unique

🌿 They are often eco-friendly and safer because they aren’t made with nasty chemicals

💪They are stronger and more durable than their plastic, mass-produced counterparts

🤫They are quieter (no batteries!)

🧸 They are beautiful!

I know many of you like to support local businesses and buy Australian made so I have made it that little bit easier for you and put all the Australian made toys and gifts in one place for your convenient shopping. You can check them out here!

When shopping for the precious little people in your life, you want to be confident that the products are safe, of good quality, are going to be used and are of course beneficial for the baby or child. These are all things I consider when I personally select every product to sell at Eco Chicos, but equally as important for me are the eco-friendly aspects of each product and the brand that creates them. I am so thrilled to be finding more and more businesses with a demonstrated commitment to sustainability who are producing beautiful eco-friendly toys and gifts for babies and children. I’ve got some new exciting brands coming in 2023, but I’d love to hear from you too!

What Australian made toy brands do you love and want to see at Eco Chicos?



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